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Get to Know Dean Frieders

Contracts and regulations are written by lawyers, who then charge you by the minute to explain them--it's not fair.  I became a lawyer because my family learned firsthand what happens when you don't get good legal advice.  Our family farm, pictured here, was sold to pay the inheritance taxes when my great grandparents died--an avoidable tragedy.  I started my practice to help clients who, like me, don't want to spend money unnecessarily, but who do need periodic help to make informed, practical decisions.

Large or small, I can make your project a success. 

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Client Testimonials

Expertise, Integrity, Communication, Results

"Dean is unlike any other attorney I've worked with.  His advice, guidance and foresight are unparalleled.  He has a unique conflict resolution skill set which is rare to find in the legal world.  His practice is not driven by creating billable hours with open-ended outcomes; rather, he strives to close matters quickly and amicably with his clients' best interests in mind.  He seeks sensible resolutions and immediate deliverables."  -Brendan

"Dean provides a combination of expertise, integrity, dedication, and personable service that inspires confidence and makes working with him a pleasure. He is a great person to have on your side and I have no hesitation in relying on him." - Mike

"What struck me the most about working with Dean was the level of communication I received.  I never had to wonder when I might hear back, or worry about the status of my case.  Dean communicates clearly, effectively and regularly, and gave me greater control over the outcomes of my case." -Letitia

"Dean is a brilliant attorney with a real knack for analytical concepts of the law. He has often times enlightened me and others with in-depth views of legal concepts. In working with Dean over the years, I've grown to trust and recommend him. I will most certainly continue!" - Ken


Uniquely Experienced

  • Recognized by Superlawyers and the Leading Lawyers Network as being in the top 2% of attorneys in my field for 10 years in a row.

  • Author of Foundations of Sustainable Development, a book published by the American Bar Association.

  • Professor of Leadership, Ethics and Values, teaching Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation.

  • Former Volunteer Firefighter and EMT.

  • Legal Advisor to the Kane County Chiefs of Police Association.

  • Former Special Assistant State's Attorney, appointed to represent the government in complex litigation.

  • I have defended $23,700,000 in public bonds from IRS audit, and devised new financing methodology for public/private partnerships on multi-million dollar mixed-use developments.

  • TEDx Talk lecturer on the challenges of over-reliance on legalese and the need to focus on practical considerations.

  • Frequent lecturer and published author on issues relating to business law, government law, real property development and contract related issues.

  • Raised on a farm, I've worked as a carpenter, a grocery store worker, a truck-driver, a car salesman, and a host of other jobs.  I have a practical approach to the law--and your business.


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