Government Law

Finding Elegant Solutions

No matter what your interest or industry, you will have to work with, or through, governments.  My experience includes working as a consultant for units of government, serving as an elected member of a governing board, serving as a volunteer firefighter/EMT, serving as an appointed hearing officer, an appointed special assistant state’s attorney, and working as a governmental employee.  I have seen government from every perspective, and have worked on both the public and private side of projects involving permits and government review. 
For private clients, I help you explain you project in a way that draws governmental support and interest, steering you away from red tape and challenges.  I know how government works, and how to advance your interests through any governmental process.
For public clients, I help you define and achieve your objectives.  Even small units of government should never feel overmatched by a project or problem.  I work with units of government in all sizes, from communities of 70 people to communities of 250,000 people.
Separate from helping you make the best decisions and implement the best solution, I help my clients build the narrative necessary to explain their actions to the public--to build trust and maintain the highest degree of transparency.
I have a special interest in development agreements, fire protection districts and police department operations and training, and I work with agencies throughout the state to provide cutting-edge resources to optimize their agencies.
My services are tailored to your needs.



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