BOX ALARM! Fixed Fee Services for Fire Protection Districts

Having worked in local government for 15 years, both as an independent contractor and as a governmental employee, I have seen the ways that hourly billing for legal services can adversely affect public bodies--particularly the small fire protection districts that serve a majority of our state.

Fire protection districts exist to serve a critical need--the provision of fire protection and emergency medical services to areas that do not have a municipal fire department. The jobs of fire protection district trustees are hard enough without having to worry about a running tab for legal services every time they have to review a contract or try to understand a new law.

My practice is focused on putting my clients first--so I work to ensure that their needs are met in any way I can. This is why I have developed a special Fixed Fee program for fire protection districts. My fixed fee program makes legal services affordable and available for all districts, regardless of their size or finances. I have two programs available, and I also work out custom programs for a variety of clients, based on their specific needs. My interest in the fire service is based on my work with a variety of dedicated firefighters and district trustees, and also based upon my years of volunteer services as a Firefighter/EMT. I understand your challenges and perspective, and I am here to help.

I now offer two specific levels of fixed-fee services for fire protection districts, and I'm happy to discuss custom options with clients who have unique needs.

Contact me today to start making better decisions!

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