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I'll start this post with a little personal insight that is ordinarily not a component of my professional site. I am a cyclist.


Why do I share that? Simple--it's because the best advice comes out of practical experience. Yes, I've drafted negotiated manufacturing and distribution agreements worth tens of millions of dollars, on behalf of some of the largest names in the cycling industry. I've also represented bike shops, bike shop owners and investors, and manufacturers large and small. I've created new enterprises and helped shape existing businesses into more profitable ventures that had less risk exposure. But beyond that, I have the practical experience in the cycling industry that it takes to truly be effective as your legal representative.

In one of my earliest cycling-related ventures, I worked with a local bike shop that was conducting cycling events under their own name. Recognizing the significant risk and liability inherent in the events they were conducting, I worked to create a separate, not-for-profit entity to conduct events, engage in advocacy and most provide a liability shield. I ultimately served as President of that separate entity, and developed the practical experience of organizing and hosting events that drew hundreds of attendees. My 15 years of experience in government law can are invaluable in helping you navigate the red tape of event permitting and the practical concerns of running events, demos and similar ventures.

There is more to running a cycling business than simply worrying about forms and contracts. The practical experience I have in the industry can help you develop business practices that are consistent with and supportive of your image. I can help you build an organization that others want to be a part a way that both protects your business and enhances your bottom line.

For manufacturers and distributors, I can help you navigate the challenges of developing dealership and distribution agreements that properly allocate risks, and that ensure you get paid for the stock that you ship. I can also help you structure your relationships with key employees and independent sales representatives, again focusing on enhancing your sales success while avoiding and mitigating risk.

Many attorneys offer help with contracts and documentation. The service I offer is that I've lived in your world--I understand you and your business. I've had to save manufacturers from personal injury suits brought because of the company's poor warranty language. I've had to defend companies from wage and benefit claims brought by salespeople that were supposed to be independent contractors. I've negotiated a path out of ownership disputes between bike shop investors and management. And as noted above, I've built cycling groups from the ground up, both as an attorney and as someone involved in the day to day operation. It is my practical experience and my understanding of the challenges unique to your industry that separate my services from other attorneys.

I also bring my 16 years of experience as an attorney, and my experience teaching negotiation and conflict resolution to bear on your behalf. I stay abreast of the latest developments in negotiation, and I can help you develop a successful strategy to negotiating your pathway to successful business interactions.

As cyclists, we live for the beautiful, sunny days in the saddle like those shown above. But we also know that the only way to be able to enjoy those days is to put in the years of training that enable us to have the fitness to enjoy those sunny days. Your business is no different--you will be better able to enjoy and sustain bright days of excellent sales and profitability if you put in the base miles necessary to build your corporate entity and a catalog of agreements that protect your assets and enhance your image. Bonking on a ride can ruin your day. Bonking on an agreement can ruin your reputation, and your company.

Cllick here to contact me today, so we can talk about how Frieders Law can benefit your bicycle industry related company, or you can click here to learn more about bike law, or click here to learn more about our other services.

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