My Latest Book: Managing Public Construction Projects

Several years ago, I worked with the American Bar Association to publish my first book, Foundations of Sustainable Development. This week, I am incredibly pleased to announce the publication of my second book, Managing Public Construction Projects: From Concept to Concrete. This book is available in paperback and is available for Kindle devices.

Over the past twenty years, I've had the privilege of working on a wide array of public (and private) construction projects from a variety of vantage points. I've worked in every position from laborer actually building the project to the project manager responsible for complete oversight of the project. I've also been the attorney responsible for contract review and administration on thousands of public projects. Sadly, I've also been the attorney responsible for litigating scores of contract disputes, construction defect claims, personal injury lawsuits and other issues arising out of poorly conceived or poorly managed projects.

Based on that body of experience, Managing Public Construction Projects is a practical book, written to inform the novice project manager, and to share insights with seasoned professionals. We spend millions of public dollars on massive projects--but have we truly planned them as fully as we should? We approve contracts that are dozens, or even hundreds of pages in length--but do they really say what we need them to say? In writing this book, I reviewed successful stories of public construction, along with massive failures, from around the country.

As elected and appointed officials, individuals are thrust into a position of making decisions on major infrastructure construction projects without the benefit of previous experience. Even as municipal managers or department heads, public employees are often tasked with managing major projects without significant prior experience in this role. Officials are asked to approve a project without having considered all available options, or asked to approve an Architects Institute of America contract without knowing fully what it means. They see language on indemnification and patent defects, and hope for the best. This book is not a technical manual on contract drafting, but rather is a practical guide to planning for and undertaking a complete public construction project.

You can benefit from the calluses I earned building these projects as a laborer, the long hours I've spent writing contracts and briefs relating to these projects, and the years of study I've undertaken into how they go wrong...and how they can go right! Improve your skills--and learn more about Managing Public Construction Projects today!

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