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Services from the ground up

I help clients with purchase, sale, lease, Development and entitlement of real estate, from buying your first house to building your next million square feet of warehouse.  My clients benefit from my extensive experience in local government, and are able to annex, zone and entitle their properties in a way that offers transformative business opportunities.

*I created a new financing public-private partnership that leveraged tax-exempt, public dollars to undertake a full City-block demolition and reconstruction into a mixed use, commercial/residential development.

*I devised a way to fast-track a million-square-foot commercial warehouse project, going from annexation and entitlement, through construction, to a final certificate of occupancy and completed building in under a year.

*I helped a first-time homebuyer avoid buying a house with unsafe conditions, after their inspection contingencies had ended, without losing their deposit!

No matter how big or small your project or purchase, I can help.



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